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Shana Martin

Living and Working in Hurst, Texas


I constantly seek connection. Connecting to people, places, movements, ideas, and so much more. I believe there is always a part of us that should never grow up. I spend my life focusing on a youthful and hopeful perspective of the world by finding delight in the little things, finding time to play, experimenting with ideas and materials, getting my hands dirty on the rock, exploring landscapes, and learning about myself. These desires continue to connect me to so many things in my life like rock climbing, teaching, creating, art making and working collaboratively. 

I have been making art as long as I can remember. My parents always encouraged my creativity by allowing me create, take apart, and experiment with all sots of materials I found around the house. They fostered my knowledge and perception of art through countless museum and gallery visits. As I got older they trusted me with helping take care of their private art collection and even allowed me to paint a mural in my bedroom. 

Currently, I am building macramé forms and installations from retired climbing ropes. My future goals include continuing to further the transition of my practice into the public art sector through the exploration of materials and process that will suport my work in it's ability to stand the test of time. 

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